“Sorry Mom”


AUGUST 5 - AUGUST 26, 2017


Jeff Russell graduated from Eureka High School in 1967, went on to College of the Redwoods and later received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Humboldt State University in 1983. Jeff was also a student teacher in the sculpture department at HSU. Jeff had exhibitions throughout Humboldt County and numerous exhibitions in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington. In 1990, Jeff Russell took his life.

Shortly after the Black Faun Gallery opened in their new location last year, Jeff’s brother, Kevin Russell approached the gallery to see about showing his brother’s work. He later returned with large rolls of 77”x102” abstract canvases created by the inspired hand of his brother. “We recently found all of Jeff’s paintings in storage in Paradise, CA. It felt important for our family for people to see what he had done as an artist,” states Kevin Russell. “The Black Faun exhibition is happening at the same time as my brother’s 50th Eureka High class reunion so it seems like the right time to show his work.” A reception is planned for classmates of Jeff during the class reunion weekend, which will offer his friends and family a chance to gather around Jeff’s work. “I didn’t understand his art when I was younger. Since I have recently discovered his work, I can now appreciate what he did as an artist.”

Arta Marie grew up wandering the forests of Puget Sound where she brewed a spirit of eclectic freedom. Her free spirit blazes across panels of nudes and abstracts in pastels and secondary colors. The title of her collection at the Black Faun is titled “Sorry Mom.” Arta explains, “Recently I discovered my love for taking self nudes after a friend turned me onto the idea. I was Impressed with the compositions and wanted to share them, so I thought I would unsex the images.” Arta is also the organizer and proprietor of SCRAP Tri-Cities in Kennewick Washington.

Gallery Hours:
Thursday - Saturday
11am - 7pm


212 G Street Eureka, CA 95521



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