Artist Statement

I create paintings, installations, and objects of recognizable scenes to make various sense of the ever-changing connections between theories and environments that swarm within our ecology of experience. Examining the dynamics that emerge of spaces where people and surroundings collide; revealing the often confusing and varied mix-matches of meanings and associations that cling to particular territory. Taking a closer look to things unnoticed and the extent to which the us and the it slip-slide into each other, noticing we are also nonhuman and that things too are lively players of the world.

I address the process of responding to imagery, materiality, and the heterogeneous qualities of painting. Using everyday found objects like plastic butterfly wings, fruit mesh bags and balloons, I inhabit moments of mediation where the overlooked occurs.

Andrea Castillo is a visual artist born in Los Angeles, California, whose primary mediums are painting, installation and video. She attended Humboldt State University and received her MFA from Lesley University College of Art and Design. Castillo’s work has been shown throughout California, as well as Boston, and London. She has been the recipient as artist in residence for Vermont Studio Center, with artist grant and residence at Joya arte+ecologia in Spain.

Andrea's work at the Black Faun Gallery came from inspiration of particular landscapes she has been to and ones found from reported media. Thinking of traditional landscape paintings, the idea of the sublime, and the concept of deep ecology. The process of painting allows me to sift through ideas of overwhelming concerns facing our current ecology. My marks legible and dabbling with abstraction, I consider the collision of the human-built world and the "natural" world.

"In some of these works I use recognizable materials then alter them along with paint. I want to allow the viewer to form relationships  between areas in the work, but also begins to reconcile how these elements interact with the pieceʼs overall form. I wonder the conundrums of places we inhabit where car fresheners are in the artificial scent and shape of a pine tree; along with ancient tar seep carved into a lake with human hands, and now encompassed by plaster mastodons."



July 2017