Affinity and Novelty

I am interested in the novel and unique expressions of life and living systems and in particular enjoy contemplating and expressing the affinities that occur in the many niches and microclimates.

In painting, I enjoy developing as diverse and novel a set of marks, colors, content and forms as I can to explore affinity between them and an overall coherence across both a single work as well as my work overall.  I enjoy this even more when multiple scales or narratives can be overlaid on top of one another so the viewer can move in and out of various interpretations fluidly.

I pursue this approach because the experience of painting becomes meditative, like playing with rocks and twigs on a forest floor, or feeding a campfire.  I also enjoy the end result because it feels like as a viewer of the work, the experience continues as each individual brings their own life experience and continues to feed the fire.  It feels like as long as the work is being seen, it is still being created.

The more people see it, and continue to create thoughts and ideas and feelings, the more affinities are explored and the more novelties discovered.  An artist often is fed when their work has a desired impact on the people who experience it, but one of my favorite things about doing this work is hearing what others are thinking and feeling, what dreams and impressions arise, and then entering into conversation about the experiences that arise creates relational affinities and novel moments in the topography of or sense of what is good, true and beautiful.