Artist Statement

After six years - in the new territory of painting live jazz on the iPad - I feel free to abandon likeness and move toward a looser tapestry.

While painting I am caught up in the  turbulence of this improvised art form. I leap into each painting opportunity with all the confidence I can muster and grow the piece layer by layer. I flow with the music, and the movement of the musicians - sliding back and forth in a frenzy between as many as twenty layers. My aim is to capture a narrative, that includes music, the set, players, and my response to it all. It is an absorbing involvement of eyes, ears, hands - my whole being. And when going well it feels like a collaboration with the musicians. The resulting image conveys a dense fabric, letting through the underlying images selectively. It also plays back as a short video, revealing every stroke I made.

Bayside, California, September 2017

Claire Iris Schencke

A biography of my iPad painting career.

As a pioneering mobile digital artist, I’ve been invited to present my iPad art at The International Association of Mobile Artists (iAMDA), in New York City, at Apple’s flagship store on Union Square in San Francisco, and for the last five years at the Mobile Art Academy(mDAC) held in Palo Alto in the heart of Silicon Valley. My iPadJAZZart paintings have been exhibited at Humboldt State University, the Digital Art Museum in Los Angeles(LACDA), the Humboldt Artist Gallery at the Morris Graves Museum of Art, and the Blue Note at Sea. I have developed a curriculum for iPad art students and taught iPad painting workshops at Humboldt State University’s OLLI program, Eureka Studio Arts and the Mendocino Art Center.

My loyalty to Apple devices goes back to the days when I, as an international product manager at Apple, was part of a team that confronted Steve Jobs with the importance of ergonomic design. After an initial negative reaction to this crucial requirement in the European markets, he became devoted to design. The iPad is the ultimate in ease of use and elegant design. While I paint it feels like an extension of me.