I came to the United States from Japan in 1963 to attend California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, California, majoring in Fine Arts. These paintings were done in 1966 and 67 just before I graduated.

In the painting and drawing classes I learned about perspective, dimension, and composition, along with other traditional techniques. However, I was most fascinated with color. I felt magic in endless shades of color, unlimited effects with interacting colors, and unexpected optical illusions with color combinations. I wanted to create on canvas something that I personally felt deep inside using color and shapes.
I was inspired by experiences of the five senses, like constant moving ripples on the surface of water reflecting the moon, broken and broken again, but with the real moon in the sky, the sound of people's conversation in foreign languages, the sound of wind and musical instruments, the smell of fire, the smell of plants, the freezing cold of winter, the warmth of sunshine, the lively air of people dancing, and the atmosphere under millions of cherry blossoms.
Now, I consider myself not an artist at all, but at same time I am happy and pleased with what I painted 50 years ago. I am so fortunate and very much grateful to Black Faun Gallery for this opportunity to show these paintings along with my husband's work.
Fukiko Marshall, 2017