The Call of Roots and Water

I celebrate the water world of creeks!  Every summer I answer a

seasonal calling to revisit the Klamath River Watershed

and observe how all has fared after the winter and spring rains. I have

nurtured an intimacy with the pools throughout the years, appreciating the

purity and preciousness of the element of water, and the solitude and

communion with nature as I circle round this fluid landscape.

Looking up from the depths, swimming strong against the

current, I angle to photograph plants and small creatures

clinging to the water’s edge. The light changes from

early summer to autumn, and from dawn to dusk. Smoke from

wildland fires fills the canyons with haze, bubble curtains erupt behind

boulders, big leaves of Indian Rhubarb sway like dancers,

roots of Alder and Willow flow with the passage of water. The interplay

of the ecosystem is spiritual praise of mother earth’s delights.

Reflections paint water calligraphy.

Red roots transform into feminine spirit.

I feel one with the water and its inhabitants.

The wondrous life of water…                                                                                                


                                                                                                Gail McDowell



JUNE 2018