Nancy Tobin grew up a military brat.  The experience of repeated dislocation informs her work which is centered on ideas of survival, adaptation and self-reliance through economy of means.  She currently lives and works in Humboldt County and is the owner of Vintage Avenger in Arcata, CA. Nancy Tobin has a BFA from Humboldt State University and is an MFA candidate at San Francisco Art Institute.
My Pillow Falls StatementMy Pillow Falls is an idyllic, sensory dreamscape experiential filled with hand made water features and growth formations that hosts ideas of survival, adaptation, self-reliance and living off the land with what’s at hand.  The viewer is transported into an otherworldly environment that, like natural phenomenon, has quietly gestated into an accumulated wonder over time.

As a military brat I experienced a great deal of displacement.  I also experienced many different cultures, landscapes and climates.  My childhood was spent playing in the jungles and military bunkers on post-war Okinawa, visiting living historical museums in Virginia, and adapting to the hostile desert climate of Arizona.  There was a lot to see, which was good. There was a lot I did not want to feel. As a defense mechanism, I frequently turned to the landscape of my inner making. Residing there, I could keep everything I owned and no one ever parted.  My code was to be self-sufficient. I modeled my lifestyle after Gilligan’s Island, where survival depended upon one’s own creative problem solving and everything was made by hand, preferably from bamboo. My sculptures and layered installations are an outgrowth of my urge to set up house with what is at hand in order to transport the viewer into a physical and psychological landscape of my imagination.



MAY 2018