We embrace what is seen, felt, from an environment through the lens of our own personal experience. Our perceptive process continues to be informed over time. What is grasped through the process can be a merging of a place, conditions, with circumspection and imagination. My goal is to render, with the imprint of the human spirit, an image with a resonance of elegance, inspired by the marks made in time, by one’s hand, by nature, from impressions and vulnerabilities.

My artwork explores the relationship between observation and interpretation of the everyday landscape with a search for beauty in chaos. Surroundings offer a vast, expanding space, meeting our senses. We move through the space, physically, in real time, while our mind’s eye interprets and informs, bringing the experience within: What am I seeing? What am I feeling? I reach with a sense of searching to express the realms of the inner landscape with how these with the sensibilities apprehended from an immediate landscape’s vista. In the manner of an unwritten word seeking definition, I hope to portray small sections of life’s fray, and relate it to our broader experience.

My process is a discipline of study including sketching, painting, drawing, writing, and photography. I select and frame compositions from these studies, utilizing mixed media to enhance the impact of visual statement.


MAY 6 - JUNE 17 2017