Staged Reading of the Letters of Morris Graves with Joan Schirle

Dell’Arte International (DAI) presents Bird of the Inner Eye, a series of readings
from the letters of painter Morris Graves (1910 – 2001). The three readings are at Dell’Arte’s
Carlo Theatre (Nov. 15), Eureka’s Black Faun Gallery (Nov. 17), and the Arcata Playhouse (Nov.
25). All performances are at 7 PM, with admission by donation.

Dell’Arte’s Joan Schirle conducts the readings, sourced from Graves’ letters and
archives, with a cast of Dell’Arte Company members and local actors. This “theatre of place”
event includes dance improvisations by choreographer and DAI faculty member Laura Muñoz.
“I became fascinated by Graves as a resister,” said Schirle. “During WWII he spent 11
months in the stockade at Camp Roberts, California, for refusing to join the army. He resisted
not only war, he resisted the degradation of our planet and the deadening of our senses to
beauty. Through painting he communicated his anguish over the loss of our humanity as we
plunder the earth. He inspires me to ask myself as an artist, how I can best take part in
resistance using the gifts I have?”

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Eureka Street Art Festival

Last month’s Eureka Street Art Festival had an amazing turn out and the support of the community required to make an event really fantastic. Thank you to all the sponsors, volunteers, artists, performers, coordinators, and to all those who are passionate about public art in Eureka. We hope this can be a reoccurring event and that the positive atmosphere will carry into next year. Special thanks to Tom Lurtz for these progress shots of the murals. If you haven’t seen these works yet, they are on display throughout Opera Alley between H St. and C St. as well as at the Rodeway Inn on V St.

Take some time to enjoy Eureka!



timmy gray’s Soundscape for Richard Duning’s “Relationship”

Local musician, recording engineer/producer, composer and Dell’Arte Musical Director, Timmy Gray composed this soundscape to accompany Richard Duning's exhibition, "Relationship."

Richard and I have been doing this kind of project for many years. It started with a poem that Richard wrote for a series of drawings he did called “Ochre Man.” He came in and read the poem in the studio and I put music to it and that was our first project together. Our next collaborative piece was for Richard’s “Stations of the Cross,” which was a wonderful experience.

Richard is one of my favorite artists, actually he is my favorite artist. I like the way he thinks about his art.

This soundscape has a different feeling from previous works. It incorporates natural elements, instruments and sounds made by Richard and Nancy. I set up one microphone and their improvisation is part of what you hear on the soundscape. I was not sure what they would do so I let them run with it for an hour and it was a beautiful thing. We met a few times and talked about the work. It really isn’t based on any specific work but more of a holistic view of mine because I admire so much.


Fukiko Oguchi Marshall’s “Pink Petal Sky” Found a New Home at the Humboldt State University Library

After 50 years in storage, it was unthinkable for Fukiko Oguchi Marshall's "Pink Petal Sky" triptych to go back in the box. The Black Faun staff say a big thank you to Kumi Schock and Humboldt State University Library Dean Cyril Oberlander for finding a wall for this beautiful work. You can see it on the 2nd Floor of the HSU Library across from the Bruno Groth sculptures.