Claire Iris Schencke Artist Talk Events, Sept. 2017

The Black Faun Gallery will have live music and live painting throughout the month of September events for Claire Iris Schencke's iPadJAZZart show. Join us on September 2, 16 and 23 for live music, artist talks, and demos. This graphic includes the bands that are to play, and each of their members.


Read more about iPadJAZZart at the Black Faun Gallery in Artist Combines her Love of Art and Music - an article in the Times Standard by Richard Evans

Another Black Faun Mural in Old Town

The Black Faun Art Project brings you another mural giving color and life to Eureka. Duncan Jago, aka Mr. Jago, has graced our building with his Impressionism meets Street Art style of painting. This vibrant, free-flowing mural is by far his largest work to date!

Here are a few shots of the artist at work.







See more of Mr. Jago’s works at his website.

The Black Faun Art Project Begins a New Mural in Old Town

The Black Faun Art Project Group is sponsoring and curating the first of what will likely be many murals in Old Town Eureka’s Opera Alley. London-based artist, Dan Kitchener, whose murals can be seen in England, Sweden, Italy, Cambodia, Vietnam, the U.S. and Canada, will begin painting a mural on the east side of the historic Buhne Building at the corner of 2nd and G Streets on July 10.

The Buhne Building mural was conceived and sponsored by Black Faun Art Projects Group founder, Kevin Bourque. “To me, this mural represents the onset of a new phase in the development of Eureka as an arts community,” states Bourque. “It also represents a series of agendas by the City of Eureka to reinvigorate Old Town and the artist culture of Humboldt County. Eureka hasn’t had many new murals in quite some time and it is exciting to have this opportunity to start another cycle of creative output and an explosion of art on Eureka’s walls.”

Bourque’s designs on the cityscape of Eureka reach beyond this first Opera Alley mural. “My plan is to have something like an annual summer mural festival that is inclusive of different styles of mural art around the world while embracing the tone of this community,” states Bourque. “I hope that we generate enough interest among Old Town building owners and the City of Eureka to see this as a possibility to do this on a world class level. It is the beginning of something that can have a huge impact on our aesthetic environment.”

The Buhne Building mural painting will begin on July 10 and is expected to be completed by July 24th.