MAY 6 - JUNE 17 2017

Eight years ago, Marceau Verdiere and Natalie Craig met, at Eureka’s now closed, Accident Gallery. Once they realized that they had admired each other’s paintings for some time, the two abstract painters began meeting regularly to talk about their work and their sources of inspiration. This eventually led to the idea of showing their work, inspired by their conversations with each other, side by side at the Black Faun Gallery.

Natalie explains how the idea came about, “We found through our conversations an aspect about how each of us renders images stemmed from some similar sensibilities. In looking at Marceau’s painting, I find his push into illusory, ephemeral spatial fields, accented with a burst of tensioned marks, gives the viewer a nearly meditative challenge to be with the artistic intent as well as being given a space of privacy to reflect.” Marceau describes how Natalie influenced his work for the Black Faun show, ”Even though this body of work is exhibited in juxtaposition to Natalie’s work, it is not a collaborative project per se. What it is, is more meaningful to me. It is an expression of my gratitude for the friendship we have. To aesthetically translate my appreciation of these moments with my fellow painter and friend, I took my visual clues from Natalie herself as she is the embodiment of elegance and grace. I was influenced by her work in which colors, shapes, lines and tones dance in unbridled yet perfect harmony in pithy, jazz-like compositions.”

“I think this is part of where our enjoyment of conversation and appreciation of creativity meet: in the expression of the conditional aspects of being, how creativity provides one – artist and viewer alike – with multiple curiosities to explore within a visual arts platform,” Natalie stated.