Gail McDowell

JUNE 2 - 30, 2018

The Call of Roots and Water

“Without divine water, nothing exists.”

Zosimus, 410-518

Creekside pools, quiet and mysterious, filled with nature’s subtleties, put me into sweet reverie. Where land and water meet, I imagine floating bouquets made of decaying leaves, and fantastic water nymphs hidden inside intertwining grasses. Shafts of brilliant light turn red Alder roots into my muse, inspiring me to share this world.

There have been three forces in my life which influenced this show. My degree in Alternative Photo Processes and Textiles from California College of the Arts gave me technical training. Creating sculptures and installations at Burning Man since 2000 has opened up traditional constraints when presenting art. Living on the Klamath River for 17 years has nurtured a deep appreciation and knowledge of the tributaries.

I began photographing underwater in 2010 with a Nikon Coolpix AW130. This is a waterscape of photo images on silk panels, mirrored reflections on wallpaper, acrylic and metallic paper. A snorkeling video can be viewed thru a dive mask.

I give thanks and acknowledge Native Americans who have always known the value of clean water. Gratefully, environmental groups, local and international, preserve and fight to keep and restore our most precious resource, water.


10% of sales will be donated to Mid Klamath Watershed Council,

Orleans, California  

For Mother Earth, Gail McDowell