JULY 7 - 28, 2018


As a sponsor of the upcoming Eureka Street Art Festival in August, the Black Faun Gallery is showing mural artists during the month of July in their group exhibition, “Kinesis,” which reflects the physical gestures of expressive movement.

San Francisco based artist, Max Ehrman’s (also known as E.O.N.75) abstract paintings of organic form and color harmony reflect cosmic journeys from sky to earth, stars to the intricate tiny universes of flowers. Max’s exposure to art came while he was a student at the University of Florida in Gainesville, where three German muralists created a public mural. Inspired by the design, color and execution of the mural, Max bought some spray paint the next day and has been painting ever since. He later went on to study architecture in Europe and has established himself as an internationally shown artist. Many of his works include large scale murals in New York City, Miami and San Francisco.

Birds and unicorns inhabit the colorful canvases of Christopher Dmise. Dmise states that his goal is to “inspire creativity and promote peace and love through colorful paintings, sketches and photography.” Dmise’s inspiration can be seen on murals in Arcata, Eureka, San Antonio and Chicago.

The Black Faun’s “Kinesis” exhibition also includes a selection of painted skateboards. The collection stems from a collaboration between Humboldt Skate Lab as a sponsor, and many local artists, in an effort to generate funding to provide local youth with skateboards. Blank skateboards were donated by Humboldt Skate Lab and then painted by different artists, many of which work at local tattoo shops. 100% of proceeds of each skateboard sold during the Black Faun exhibition will fund a complete skateboard deck and a helmet for one Humboldt County youth, involved in either Big Brothers Big Sisters or CASA. In 2017 this project generated enough funding to donate a total of 22 complete skateboards and helmets.

Project visionary, Jullia Finkelstein says, “It is my hope as the artist who facilitated this effort, that our community and the artists involved will be able to make a meaningful and positive impact on the lives of local youth. Skateboarding is great for self esteem, physical strength development, and promotes less time indoors, less time on video games or screen time… Humboldt County has many skate parks, including a great one in Eureka at Coopers Gulch. It’s a real way to help promote healthy living.”