Laura Corsiglia

MARCH  3 - 31, 2018


Drawings are alive, they tell me how they want to be and they want to see you too. They change when I'm not looking.

A nest is both an extreme concentration and a funnel toward inevitable opening. We recognize the urgent imperative to make use of all that we find, stumble over, observe and need, twigs, death or joy, all that presents itself, to build a cradle for care and expansion.

Nothing in the process of drawing, which resembles dreaming, which is in other words: wild, might be so overtly named.

A nest is an urgently literal capsule for the future. Transformation occurs here, bio-alchemy felt and observed. The nest is also felt as a metaphor dragging our consciousness through the elements, toward eventual flight. Real and imagined, it is a lifeboat for love.

Images, shapes and beings look out for a chance to become visible. With Nesting Materials I try to make a place for them and give way to see them perch.

I’m interested in scale, how our small eyes see out, looking at a Harlequin Duck at home in the roughest patches or seeing a curled piece of T-shirt against our part of the Milky Way. The deadest snag describes insects and woodpeckers, mycelial networks, microbes. There is a way in which everyone is the same size in the universe.

Nesting Materials is a way to think everything. To bring all the experiences, views and openings, to see them look out - they see each other and make plans.

Please watch for your dreams here, standing right down front or waiting in the wings behind a grain of salt.

Nesting Materials Events at the Black Faun Gallery

Arts Alive Opening - Saturday, March 3, 6 - 9 pm

Music by Medicine Baul

Nest of Possibilities - Saturday, March 10, 6 - 8 pm

Nest of Possibilities is a large scale live drawing performance, exploring the nest as locus of succor and comfort, host to dreams and relentless forward trampoline into time.  What departs and what remains?
Nest of Possibilities is made of light and shade, with dance and improvisational sound.

Laura Corsiglia in collaboration with:

"Art and Wildness" Artist Talk -  Thursday, March 22 at 5:30 p.m.
Nesting Materials with Laura Corsiglia and Monte Merrick of Bird Ally X with a screening of the short film The Bird Ally, an extra related to Pelican Dreams, directed by Judy Irving.                   

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