APRIL 2017


"Hey Sheba, Hey Salome, Hey Venus"

Patti Smith, Poppies


The condition of our present national climate is festering with regression, divide and resistance. My instinct as an artist living and working in a time so ripe with historical impact is to visually reflect the conditions of the cultural climate that surrounds and impacts me.

In rebellious opposition to this reality, I find myself turning to the alliance of strong female figures who have peppered my lineage and the timeline of women’s history. I revisit the work of the female avant garde with a new found clarity and relatability. I re-read Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale filled with sobering horror, remembering how unreal my teenage interpretation of the novel naively felt. I play records while laying on the floor and meditate on the lyrics and sonic grit of my musical heroines, playing with the architecture of their language in experimental conjure and hopeful mantra. Images of young women, screaming in an ecstatic state of mania over seeing Elvis and The Beatles suddenly becomes a mirror for my own emotions, possessing a transformative duality: pain where there once was the evidence of sublime pleasure.

These works conjure the potent divinity of those women and all powerful females in my tribe, aligning their efforts throughout the thread of time and calling upon all of their strengths. My hope is that I can find guidance and agency in the grace of their histories and efforts, like a fruit of historical discourse that has aggressively ripened and is currently bursting open, spilling seeds everywhere.