A Collaboration of Local Artists and Community, including Artists from The Studio, Leslie Castellano, Johnathan DeSoto, Caroline Griffith, Jenna Castos, Michael Kahan, Therin Brooks, and Delo Feitas.

OCTOBER 6th - 27th , 2018

The Black Faun Gallery Presents “The Peoples’ Map of Eureka” a Collaborative Installation by Local Artists

The Black Faun Gallery proudly presents “The Peoples’ Map of Eureka,” a group show featuring local artists, interactive installations and interpretive maps of Eureka created by its many citizens. The opening reception will take place during Arts Alive! Saturday, October 6th, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and the exhibit will be on display until October 27th.  An Artist Talk will take place at the gallery Thursday, October 11th, 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Last year, Societies for Poetic Action, Synapsis, and the Ink People of Eureka began a cooperative effort to investigate how the many different citizens of Eureka experience their city.  Through interactive theater workshops, map making events and community discussions, Societies for Poetic Action engaged Eurekans in questions about their impressions of place, history, and community. The result of this year long and continued exploration is a wealth of new thoughtful connections to each other and an abundance of maps created through honest, individual experiences.

The main Installation displays hundreds of maps created by people of all ages and creative abilities, varying in size and medium. Participants were engaged through a series of written and verbal prompts collected during workshops. Artists involved with The Studio have also created installation projects, including an interactive tabletop map, which will invite all that attend to place hand made ceramic tokens around the painted map. Local artists Leslie Castellano, Jonathan DeSoto, Caroline Griffith, Jenna Castos, Michael Kahan, Therin Brooks and Delo Freitas will be showcasing their own interpretations of the experience as well.