timmy gray’s Soundscape for Richard Duning’s “Relationship”

Local musician, recording engineer/producer, composer and Dell’Arte Musical Director, Timmy Gray composed this soundscape to accompany Richard Duning's exhibition, "Relationship."

Richard and I have been doing this kind of project for many years. It started with a poem that Richard wrote for a series of drawings he did called “Ochre Man.” He came in and read the poem in the studio and I put music to it and that was our first project together. Our next collaborative piece was for Richard’s “Stations of the Cross,” which was a wonderful experience.

Richard is one of my favorite artists, actually he is my favorite artist. I like the way he thinks about his art.

This soundscape has a different feeling from previous works. It incorporates natural elements, instruments and sounds made by Richard and Nancy. I set up one microphone and their improvisation is part of what you hear on the soundscape. I was not sure what they would do so I let them run with it for an hour and it was a beautiful thing. We met a few times and talked about the work. It really isn’t based on any specific work but more of a holistic view of mine because I admire so much.